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I'm Dr. in education from University of Oslo. Norway. For 35 years I have researched and teached as A. Professor in sociology of education and research methods. My research topics have been: youth and education, small schools in rural areas, politics of education, parents-school-relations and my main topic in the past 20 years: home education.

Modern education turning upside down

This blog aims themes under developing in worldwide education. In the 1990s alternative education, to example home education, religous schools, democratic schools etc. were freedom projects, escapes from a technocratic state-school-system. Today the modern state and the public school are under pressure from globalization effects, increased immigration, more inequality and a shrinking state-economy.

The challanges have turned, sometimes "upside down": How to give the whole population good enough education? Home education and alternative schools are often seen as identity projects for both liberal and religious middleclass. Strong economic and religious/ideological interests, christian and islamic seem involved.

Times are changing. We observe new frontlines: Identity politics versus populism. Knowledge (theory) versus skills and competance (practice). The concept of postfact-society, subjective values/ideologies versus objective facts. Conflicts between secular institutions and religion. Are we facing a new religious offensive in schools, made possible because of the vacuum-effects from  New Public Management (NPM) in public schools? In this landscape this blog will operate (December 2016).


Med vennlig hilsen

Christian Beck