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 Dr. in education from University of Oslo. Norway. For 35 years I have researched and teached in sociology of education and research methods at University of Oslo. Topics:

- Youth and education

- Small schools in rural areas

- Parents-school-relations

- Main topic the last 20 years: home education.

Modern education turning upside down?

1) The modern state and the public school are under pressure from globalization effects, increased immigration, more inequality and a shrinking state-economy. How to give the whole population good enough education?

2) Alternative education in the 90-ies were individual freedom-projects. To day montessori-schools and other private education are "pull"-factor-education for liberal and religious upper-middleclass and rich people. Home education is more often seen as:"push"-factor-education for poor people into t ex "cheap" online-education.

3) Changing times of ideas: Identity politics/populism, knowledge/competance. ideology/facts and secularity/religion. 

Med vennlig hilsen

Christian Beck