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Is modern education turning upside down?

1) The modern state and public schools are under pressure from globalization effects as increased immigration, more inequality and a shrinking state-economy. How to give the whole population good enough education?

2) Alternative education in the 90-ies were individual freedom-projects. To day montessori-schools and other private education still is pedagogical renewing, but also privatization of  schooling. Liberal, online and religious upper-middleclass and rich peoples escape from public schools.

3) Changing conflicts of ideas: Identity politics/populism, knowledge/competance. ideology/facts and secularity/religion, also effect schools and education.

4) Education is digitalized. Global companies like Facebook, Google and others make cheaper online-schools without teachers. The ideology is self (student)-directed pedagogy. But, why then goes the online-elite to teacher-based Waldorf (steiner)-schools?

Dr. in education from University of Oslo. Norway. Researched and teached for 35 years in sociology of education and research methods at University of Oslo. Research topics:

- Youth and education

- Small schools in rural areas

- Parents-school-relations

- Home education (dr thesis)



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